Ecuvo, is simple and never gets tired. By pursuing functional design and developing universal products, it will be a permanent standard and will solve the problem of a large number of products being discarded.
Craftsmen from Higashi-Kagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan's largest glove production area with a history of more than 120 years, use Japanese-made yarn, and carefully make each product. 
They are making products using our own knitting method that does not emit waste by promoting research and development so that we can knit without throwing yarn or knitting.
Ecuvo products are connected to people all over the world, and are well aware of their responsibility to make sure these connections remain positive.So, they ask themselves a simple question: how do they spread smiles and joy across the world?
Their answer is equally simple: they do no harm.
They pledge to continue developing the brand with care for the earth and everything in it, from people and animals to the sky and the sea, There is nothing more important to them than spreading smiles

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