Natasha Collis

Natasha Collis’s designs are masterpieces in themselves, each piece possessing its own individual character.  Based on her signature irregular, hand-melted, 18ct gold nuggets, Natasha’s unique collection has received international acclaim.

Having studied Fine Art Painting at the Slade in London, Natasha turned her unique sense of form and colour towards the art of jewellery design.  In 2009, after seven years of experience in London, she decided to settle in Ibiza, where she opened her shop and studio in the north of the Island.

Ibiza’s stunning natural landscapes, earthiness and its kaleidoscope of sunlight are Natasha’s main source of inspiration.
“My designs are subtle yet strong as with the random beauty found in nature,” says Natasha

These handmade pieces are designed to be casual but boast some quite serious gems such as white, black, grey, brown and pink diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines or spinels that interact to create spectacular pieces in a magical spectrum of colours. They are collector’s items with a huge following that can be layered or stacked for even more striking effects.