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Cottle For 180

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The pile is made using Yak Wool × Supima cotton. The ripple-like surface has little nep so the touch of the fabric is soft, almost cashmere in feel. The gentle material is shirred several times on the back side. A warm, soft pile fleece that is embedded in joy.

The material of persimmon astringent is used as a point for switching to another cloth.
Kakishibu is a dye made by fermenting persimmon juice.
COTTLE uses refined odorless persimmon astringent.
The hardness that covers the surface of the unique pigment temperament makes it easy to fit along with your body every time you wear it.
There is almost no discoloration.
Since it is dyed by hand, color unevenness and color accumulation may occur from point to point.
Please consider only those who understand it as one of the textures.