Takazawa Candle

Since 1892, the candle making company Takazawa Candle has been providing the candlelight in harmony with nature from Japan.
180 the Store carries a selection of their candle variations, including Tohaku, Nanao, and Ikari. 
Tohaku: TOHAKU is an homage to ‘The Pine Trees screen’, drawn by Tohaku Hasegawa, one of the most famous painters in Japan. The pine trees in the paintings are of the landscape of Nanao City, and he drew it while recollecting his memories of the beautiful nature of his childhood home. The flame is an extension of the gentle lines of these trees, reminding you of a rustic simplicity.
Nanao: NANAO is the name of the city, the heart of the glorious countryside in which we live. Because we are surrounded by the sea and mountains, it is easy to find places that take us closer to nature. There are five different candles, all with a motif of a different plant that grows in the Noto Peninsula. The candles are all named after a letter of the word ‘plant’.
Ikari: Back when we didn’t have electric lights, one of the biggest concerns for our ancestors was how to make the light of the candle brighter. The form of IKARI was born from their ingenuity. We call it the ‘anchor shape’, a top heavy style with a wide rim and narrow base, allowing the candle to create a large flame very quickly.

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