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Cottle For 180

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COTTLE CHAMPETRE BOUQUET JACKET" with attractive beauty that does not decorate

・ Loose width
・ Cuffs are made of fabric ears (edge ​​of fabric)
・ Hem, back placket, fringe
・ Hand-sewn pocket
・ Kintsugi button + buffalo button

Small cotton balls called fallen cotton of organically grown cotton have short fibers, so It was a material that was originally discarded, and cannot be made into thread.
The spinning machine-Garabou Spinning Machine, was invented in Japan in the early Meiji era.
It will be reborn as a thread with the same expression as a hand-spun spinning wheel.
It is an original material woven by multiplying organic cotton with silk.
Due to manual dyeing, there are uneven and accumulated colors at each point.
Please consider only those who can understand that as one of the textures.

[KAKISHIBU - Persimmon Juice dyed]
A dye made by fermenting persimmon juice using a method unique to old times.

The hardness that covers the surface of the unique pigment temperament makes it easy to fit along with your body every time you wear it.
Since it is dyed by hand, color unevenness and accumulation may occur at each point.

  • Chore jacket
  • Raw hems
  • Kakishibu natural dye
  • Two front pockets

Materials: 75% organic cotton, 25% silk