Cottle For 180

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  • Light and comfortable to wear throughout the year.
  • Switching raglan sleeves and no extra string around neck. 
  • Rounded silhouette that is slightly curved toward the hem.


  • The material of the fleece is to make one fine long cotton. 
  • Made by twisting together a number of short fiber threads.
  • It is an original fabric developed to maintain a smooth and glossy surface feeling, with less fluffing when subjected to natural dyeing.
  • The thickness of the fabric makes it easy to wear throughout the year.

Kakishibu - Persimmon Juice Dyeing:

  • A dye made by fermenting persimmon juice using a method unique to old times.
  • It uses refined odorless persimmon astringent.
  • The hardness that covers the surface of the unique pigment temperament makes it easy to fit along with your body every time you wear it. By washing with iron, the color changes to black.