R+D.LAB Luisa Bonne Nuit Glass with Carafe | Amber


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R+D.LAB Luisa Bonne Nuit Glass with Carafe in Amber

8.0 x H9.0 Carafe 8.0 x H 17.4

Combining the workmanship of noble artisans with a new prospective to create a product that is pure and contemporary for today’s life style. 

This piece of glassware is crafted from Borosilicate glass known for its pure and resistant quality, shaped with traditional mouth blowing technique; the innovation of design comes from modern shapes inspired by aesthetics of rationalist and modernist architecture whilst respecting its functionality. The result gives each piece a simple elegance.

Every piece of glassware is unique and has been selected with the greatest care; made entirely by artisan hands in Italy
Handmade in Italy.