Cottle For 180

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  • The switching of the material on the chest represents the sunrise or sunset of the sun. 
  • Original ripple pile material
  •  (Back side brushed and cut fleece.)
  • Raglan sleeve
  • Coil zipper with hand braided pull
  • Elastic cuffs


  • The pile (fleece) is made using Supima cotton.
  • The ripple-like surface has little nep and so the touch of the fabric is soft almost cashmere in feel.
  • The gentle material is shirred several times on the back side.
  • A warm soft pile fleece that is embedded in joy.

Kakushibu Dyeing:

  • The material of persimmon astringent is used as a point for switching to another cloth.
  • Kakishibu is a dye made by fermenting persimmon juice.
  • COTTLE uses refined odorless persimmon astringent.
  • The hardness that covers the surface of the unique pigment temperament makes it easy to fit along with your body every time you wear it.